What is so special about working with Agaoglu?

Being a leader in the market, we are often a puzzle-driven company, an important factor in our work with the most advanced technologies known in the world for window and door technology. But one of the most important factors that makes us different is our customer-focused perspective;

We work endlessly to ensure that our products and services meet our customers’ expectations at the highest level, and strive to create positive values for our customers, our country and the world.

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For Consumers.
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How to choose good PVC windows and doors?

When you plan to buy a new PVC door or window into your home, there are a few important points that you need to think carefully before making a decision.

The choice of a well designed, sturdy PVC profile brand plays an important role in performance and durability.

It is necessary to consider the manufacturing and mounting as well as the choice of profile.

Quality hinges and accessories are equally important factors in that they are produced with low-tolerance, precise steel fastening profiles to the standards, accurate screwing in the right places and precise measurements of the window.

We produce windows and doors in the technology and equipment hitherto unprecedented example of investment in Turkey until the beginning of the delivery process manufacturing, all processes are checked constantly, we provide the same standards in all our products.

For Architects.
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For Architects

We build on top of you to help you build your space and space designs that modern architects need to draw from the imagination of an architect’s imagination, help you make the most of the space you need to increase the functionality of your building, and design unrivaled facades and spaces.

With our specially designed profiles with improved static performance, our static intermediate records, our giant door wings, extra reinforced hebeschiebe products, we are ready to do more than you expect from a window and door to your architecture, out of standards, helping to create your original architects.

We know that an artist takes care of color harmony with the functionality of the materials. Our unrivaled, stain-resistant, metallic and opaque Acrylcolor glass outer coating, which you can not find on any other brand, we strive to match your projects with standards with over 40 standard foil colors.

For Engineers.
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For Engineers

A great drawing on paper, or application?

Complex static calculations, intercolumnar-size windows, lean-looking in different windows, or one-piece zero-threshold doors up to 7 meters in length!

It is possible for us!

We have a product that will meet all your technical needs for progeny in our portfolio, please draw what your architect wishes and we work with our power so that you can apply comfortably.

For Construction Companies.
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For Construction Companies

What do you want from a construction company window?


We produce standardized products with serial production in the mounting band.

We use the advantages of high-quality production to provide our customers with affordable prices.

Production speed, delivery time?

We can produce over 2000 pieces in 8 hours with our cnc cutting and machining centers, all of our 6 lines are connected to these lines, we have no other partners in the world and with our welding lines and extra 3 conventional lines, this production capacity makes us the 3rd biggest window facility in the world. You focus on your business, we deliver it.


We make man-based production in the cutting process, welding, support sheet, cleaning, accessory marking, brief window windows, we combine this expertise in production with good profile, good accessory.


We provide turn-key project service, we know that it is as important as assembling windows as well as assembling windows, we make fast mounting without damaging the windows, windows and windows, without hurting the work of other professionals in our project.

For Assembly Dealers.
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For Assembly Dealers

Growing market of PVC door and window systems, increasing customer portfolio, different products and different color options have resulted in the failure of the workshop production to respond to these needs due to inadequate inventory, logistics, quality, standardization and technological infrastructures.

Agaoglu – As a WinLIFE installation vendors;

  • Thanks to our special pvc software, we are able to order your projects online without using tools such as fax, e-mail, etc., and offer these more accurate, fast and complete products delivery.
  • In our integrated production facility, we shorten your terminating process with our high-capacity CNC lines.
  • By delivering high capacity and robotic production and reducing labor costs, we deliver your finished windows to your door at a more affordable cost than you will produce in your home environment.
  • With quality profiles and accessories, we provide you with more trouble-free products.
  • With our vehicle recognition and discount contract with Shell we reduce our operating costs by providing our dealers with more affordable and faster fuel.
  • We reduce your commercial vehicle and maintenance costs through our fleet deal with Ford.
  • Thanks to our dealer collection system, we facilitate collection of customers, bonus, World, Axess, Maximum, CardFinans, Paraf featured cards all through our web site offers up to 9 installments.